Repairing Your Transmission Is Our Mission

Repairing Your Transmission Is Our Mission

Hire us to fix problems with your vehicle

Did you hear or feel anything abnormal when you started your car? If your car sounds like it's whining or feels clunky when you turn the ignition, you might be dealing with transmission issues. Whether your check-engine light is on or not, you should bring your vehicle to B & B Auto Repair. We'll inspect your vehicle and locate any problems that might be ailing your car.

If there are transmission issues, you can trust us to fix them fast and for a price that other mechanics in the area can't beat.

Call us at 406-587-5306 now to schedule an appointment with our auto repair specialist.

Common signs of transmission issues

Transmission issues can have a significant impact on your car- they can be expensive to repair, too. You should bring your car to B & B Auto Repair if:

  • Your car grinds when you shift gears
  • You notice fluid leaking from your car
  • Your transmission warning light turns on

If you see these or any other warning signs of transmission issues, contact B & B Auto Repair today.